Pray, Write, Speak

Charlie is eight years old. He lives with his parents and his older siblings. Family time is brief, his parents work long hours, and his sisters have busy lifestyles – between their friends, part-time jobs, university and boyfriends, little time is spent with Charlie. 

Charlie’s life may sound ordinary, but to God it’s anything but … It’s special, it’s important, it has a purpose. What God wants is an introduction with Charlie, He wants Charlie to know him, be friends with Him, He wants to welcome Charlie into His family through Jesus. The plan is for Charlie to discover he is a prince, to get a vision of what his life is about, to be equipped to fulfill that vision and to transform the world in a way only Charlie could through Jesus. 

God reads between the lines and sees behind the facade of ‘ordinary’. He knows Charlie may be hurt, lonely, confused, disappointed and scared. That’s why He sent Jesus to be there for Charlie, to comfort and guide him through those feelings and emotions that sometimes sprout from  lies and deception… He’s moving heaven and earth so Charlie is not only aware of truth, but speaking truth, living truth and sharing truth…

We are all Charlie… invited daily into an intimate relationship with the one who made us and knows us and wills us to choose him and to commit to him.

By His grace, through prayer, written pieces and speaking his truth, I serve in His Kingdom to draw the world’s Charlies in, to show them the way in, to sow those seeds that will one day bear fruits of the Spirit and multiply love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control in ways that will establish God’s Kingdom here on earth …

Join me in this journey… let’s serve the King.


Pray… whatever life looks like or feels like… just pray…

I met him, and I just couldn’t stop talking to Him, and it’s incredible hearing what he says to me.

The moment I discovered my life has a purpose in God’s Kingdom, it was crucial to speak to Him. I just wanted to know what was on his mind. I’ll be honest, it was quite a mind-shift, one that took place over a decade. I went from doubting His existence, to choosing to believe, and then discovering Him to be real. Praying is part of the process of knowing him, and discovering myself in the process.

I find my identity in him, and it’s amazing that I can walk with him daily… The best part is, it’s never really about me. To pray is to connect the pieces to a puzzle. I may not see all the pieces, but I know it fits.

I’ve been invited into a life long relationship that continues well after I’ve drawn my last breath and moved on to eternity.


…what’s He saying?

I long to have my ears pressed to his chest, so I can hear his heart beat. I want to know what he’s saying… and I want my heart to beat in unison with his. I want to share that passion and share it with everyone.

Sometimes the pen just can’t keep up with the tongue.. and so we speak. Look out for audio and video recordings from intimate moments with Him.

Do  use the contacts us page if you’d to arrange speaking engagements. 


The early Christians were hungry for truth, they gathered together to hear letters read to them, and copied out scrolls of the good news that kept their faith alive and revealed to them Kingdom truths…

Because they wrote, generations of believers have been able to discover God’s Kingdom. He’s still speaking to us today, and we can listen and take notes, getting it all down, those nuggets of truth that could be the beacon of light guiding another soul home…

Blog pieces, published articles, book excerpts and Bible study revelations… indulge me as I try to get it all down.